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Hi there! I’m a gal from So Cal, married with two awesome kids! I love the beach, cooking, wearing dresses, paranormal shows and trying new food-yelp is my best friend!. I’m naturally creative and have always enjoyed photography (I took my first class in high school!). I specialize in natural light photography and am a sucker for beautiful landscapes such as open fields, beaches, orchards, etc.

What sets me apart from other photographers is I look forward to getting to know my clients and building relationships. The more comfortable people are in front of me and my camera, the better their pictures will come out and the more fun we all have. I love to be apart of my clients happiest moments; when they are parents for the first time, when their baby is turning one, when a couple is newly engaged, getting married or a family is finally all together for a group photo! I feel honored to be apart of those moments. I hope my blog will translate my passion for beautiful pictures and happy moments; and brings a smile to your face!

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